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The FPC-NSP sp. z o.o. prefabrication plant produces reinforcing elements of all shapes, in a diameter range from ⏀6 mm to ⏀40 mm. Our production capacity is 2500 tons a month. The facility is equipped with innovative machinery used for producing heavy reinforcements and light rebar stirrups by SCHNELL, MEP, STEMA – PEDAX.

Production is prepared and supervised by a computer system. A declaration of conformity is issued for each manufactured elements, on the basis of a completed quality control, in order to confirm the element’s compliance with pertinent standards, the design and the technical specification. The declaration is issued by personnel with a valid construction license.

Scope of services:

Rebar stirrup prefabrication (diameter range from 6 to 12 mm), reinforcing bar bending (diameter range from 6 to 40 mm), pile and foundation anchor production, production of baskets for slurry walls,

We serve both small construction projects (such as single-family houses) and large infrastructural enterprises (tunnels, bridges, viaducts, etc.)

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high quality of services
we have implemented the
KTZP/1/ZETOM/2014 certificate


product delivery up to 5 business days
from the date of accepting the reinforcement design
(drawing) to production


We are actively involved in measures
to improve the safety of our
employees and clients

Our experienceguarantees the success of our products.

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Our mission

We are a Polish company that combines experience with an innovative outlook on business. Our mission is to deliver highest-quality services and engineering solutions to increase work efficiency and to offer professional support. One of our assets is that we are able to react fast to changes in the business needs of our clients. Furthermore, we have continuously improved the quality of our customer service, we have perfected our human resources and modernized our machine park.

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